Below are the major elements of  Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party Tasmanian (SFFP) platform


SFFP Tas aim is to stimulate regional and rural businesses by promoting all outdoor recreational activities in a responsible manner.

SFFP Tas will push for improved rural tourism infrastructure, roads etc to promote access to our wild places to encourage tourism to the rural communities.

SFFP Tas will vigorously protect your right to enjoy the outdoor way of life, now and for future generations.

 SFFP Tas vows to protect the environment through education and strong properly enforced biosecurity measures for all aquaculture and agriculture industries, big or small.

SFFP Tas is steadfast in its resolve to ensure that rural communities have access to tailored and properly resourced community, emergency and local health services specific to their needs.

SFFP Tas is committed to properly resourced Wildlife and Marine enforcement and Management agencies to ensure our flora, fauna and aquatic environments are managed in a sustainable manner based on science, not emotion.



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